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Bulls vs. Cavaliers LIVE OPEN THREAD

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Getting this up a bit early. There's game preview slots up for the rest of the season if people are interested. I think it's evident that the Bulls are generating as little 'interest' as ever, heh.

Anyway, their playoff hopes are still...hopeful:

And they face the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, who are both reeling themselves and also going to be subject to the #TNTBulls curse where their team will shoot like garbage for no real reason. Maybe it's the Chicago nightlife. Maybe teams don't 'get up' to play the Bulls...I wonder if anybody will ask Gar THAT after the season: "what does it say about your team that the elite teams keep crapping the bed and losing to you?"

Kyle Korver and Richard Jefferson are out for the Cavs.

Cristiano Felicio is BACK for the Bulls.