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ESPN Ranks Fred Hoiberg as worst coach in the NBA

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I’m starting to think the national coaching search didn’t go well

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NBA: Chicago Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

In their quest to drive eyeballs to ESPNDOTCOM, the ESPN panel of NBA people leaked out this week that they’re ranking all 30 franchises, with a criteria of ‘on-court’ performance.

The Bulls ranked poorly. It’s like they don’t even care how many Dwyane Wade jerseys were sold, or the season tickets being given away on Craigslist nightly!

In their overall ranking of a combination of Management+Coaching+Ownership, the composite score had the Bulls ahead of only the joke-factory Kings and Knicks. Today they released the rankings of just the coaches.

Fred Hoiberg is last.

Now, if you look at the list there are some odd placements, like Thibs at 13th behind Scott Brooks and Dwane Casey. Stan Van Gundy and Doc Rivers at 18+19 seems to me like influencing their GM jobs on their coaching acumen. And overall it looks like present team success is a heavily-weighted factor, thought that makes the fact that Hoiberg being dead last though his team is decidedly average even more telling.

The Hoiberg hire should be enough to get Forman and Paxson fired. Not just Hoiberg’s actual performance but the cronyism and backstabbing involved in pushing Thibs out to specifically target Hoiberg as the replacement. Screwing themselves and their coach over with every subsequent personnel move is just added evidence.

But fear not: the Bulls will feel no shame from this ranking or anything else. Hell, Gar doesn’t even know who Marc Stein is. But we can eagerly await how poorly they’re rated by ESPN, anyway.