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Bulls, Raptors fight breaks out with real punches thrown by Robin Lopez, Serge Ibaka

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Robin Lopez Serge Ibaka threw some actual punches during a scrum that marred Bulls-Raptors on Tuesday.

We have a real, live NBA fight. Late in the third quarter of Bulls-Raptors on Tuesday night, Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka got tangled up under the basket. Ibaka gave Lopez an elbow to the back that Lopez did not appreciate.

A scrum started and punches were thrown. Lopez threw the first one and Ibaka retaliated. Both players are extremely lucky they missed, both because it would have hurt and also because it would have cost them a lot of money.

Lopez and Ibaka were both ejected, while Nikola Mirotic and Raps assistant Jamaal Magloire also received technical fouls.

The Bulls are going for their 12th straight win over Toronto. Now we’ve got some real bad blood. These games are fun already and this is only going to make it better.

Thankfully no one caught a punch in the eye, because both of those dudes could do some damage.