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Bulls vs. Charlotte Hornets injury report, game preview: Rajon Rondo back in starting lineup

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Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I say a lot of pointless and aggressively stupid stuff on Twitter dot Com, so I present this morning’s prediction with some humility. But I did nail it:

Yup, after seeing his team get demolished the past couple games, the big matchup adjustment from Fred Hoiberg is get Rajon Rondo back in the starting lineup.

There had been a growing sentiment to rationalize Hoiberg’s rotation decisions by figuring that he’s being told who to play by management, and management wants their trade deadline acquisitions to get a chance and start the development process on other younger players. But it’s likely a more simple explanation: Fred is doing what he thinks gives him the best chance to win, he just doesn’t know how to give himself that chance.

Starting Rajon Rondo won’t do it either. Though they may still get a victory tonight, as the Hornets have had an even worse season (after a better start), and will be missing Nicolas Batum due to migraines. But they do have Cody Zeller playing unlike the last time these two teams met, and it’s him to seems to drive the Hornets success more than anyone.

And if you needed further confirmation that Hoiberg is less playing chess but more pin the tail on the donkey, Nikola Mirotic is back on the active roster. You have to ask yourselves what changed in the last 24 hours when it came to his standing? You can ask Hoiberg too, but you’d probably get a long mumble and something about ‘how the game flowed’.

Anyway, enjoy the young and developing Chicago Bulls with Rajon Rondo starting at point guard.