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Bulls reportedly interested in Patrick Beverley

they won’t get him, but if they’re interested that’s interesting

Chicago Bulls v Houston Rockets Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Brief report from Calvin Watkins, who covers the Houston Rockets for ESPN, where he mentions the Bulls (along with Knicks and Cavaliers) as teams interested in Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley.

Of course, Watkins then says Beverley doesn’t want to be traded...and then that the Rockets have no plans to trade him. So, there.

That all makes sense from the Rockets standpoint, because Beverley is young, affordable (signed for 2 more seasons after this) and a perfect guard complement to their star James Harden. You know, the type of low-usage, quality-shooting, defensive-minded player that the Bulls should be going for but instead barf all over themselves in signing Rajon Rondo instead.

Houston’s looking to add on to their team, so unless this is part of some larger plan of theirs to use assets from a Beverley trade to get a star-level player elsewhere, it’s tough to see a reason they’d deal him to Chicago.

So it also makes sense for the Bulls to be interested, assuming that’s a track of staying competitive they want to go on. The Bulls really don’t have to rebuild, they can build around Butler with guys like Beverley.