Paxson "sees writing on the wall"

A Ringer article today wrote the following regarding the Bulls situation:

Not all of them were committed to rebuilding; according to a league front-office executive, Paxson "sees the writing on the wall," whereas Forman is comfortable with the status quo, while ownership is not amenable to any potential trades.

So we have a better view of where ownership is split. Paxson wants to rebuild, but Gar Forman does not think we have to. Michael Reinsdorf loves Jimmy Butler and there was an article saying he too is somewhat against it.

At best Paxson and possibly Jerry are ok with the rebuild, but I assume Jerry is listening to his son and Gar which makes it 2/3 - 1.

This also confirms what I have always believed, that John Paxson is smarter than everyone in the front office.

Im not for a Jimmy Butler trade if it does not bring us back value, but at the same time they need to start showing they can help Butler.

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