Zach Lowe Calls Upon the Basketball Gods to Smite the Bulls

From today's Lowe Post(e) podcast with Kevin Arnovitz. They're having a discussion about the Okafor trade, which blends into a discussion of how many rookie 2nd rounders are playing meaningful minutes this season. About 12 minutes in:

Lowe: I'm going to reveal a bias here, are you ready for me to reveal a bias?

Arnovitz: Please reveal the bias.

Lowe: I'm rooting for Jordan Bell.

Arnovitz: ...

Lowe: Do you want to know why I'm rooting for Jordan Bell?

Arnovitz: Well he's fun!

Lowe: Nah, I don't care about that. The basketball gods should PUNISH the Chicago Bulls. A rebuilding team which is currently 3-20 and absolutely abjectly terrible -- they should punish that for selling that draft pick by making Jordan Bell, who was taken with that draft pick, really good. That's all. I'm rooting for Jordan Bell because the Bulls deserve to be punished for that. And it should hurt.

Arnovitz: By the way, what's going to happen to the Bulls? I know we're not supposed to talk about the East today but people ask me this and I don't know. They ask me what does their front office have on ownership and I say I don't know. What is going to happen there?

Lowe: I don't know, I don't even want to talk about it. They're going to score 90 points and play unwatchable basketball every game for the next 6 months and I just don't even want to talk about them.

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