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Bulls vs. Cavaliers LIVE OPEN THREAD

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Getting this up a smidge early. Nobody (including me) cared enough to do a game preview...despite what I've read about this team being 'interesting' in their total futility.

But will this be some inexplicable performance (though not on TNT) where the favored opponent succumbs to Chicago nightlife Bulls home court magic? Will Kevin Love shoot 12% like always?

Maybe! Maybe they'll do just enough to where Hoiberg says the guys played well and everyone nods out of boredom instead of actually thinking if this is going even sorta close to 'well'. We can all agree to settle on Lauri Markkanen and Kris Dunn having good games, though that's also been sporadic.

Injury report: Bobby Portis will play after being a late scratch (better than an early punch!) last game. Channing Frye will also be available after missing time in the last game. Everybody else unavailble on both sides has been gone a while.