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Nike releases Chicago Bulls City Edition Uniform

It’s so cool

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Occasionally, a jersey comes out that is so freaking awesome that you can’t take your eyes off of it.

Think Chicago Bulls 2012 Christmas Day uniforms-level awesome, and then crank the scale up a notch while adding a uniquely Chicago flavor and style and that’s what Nike created when they unveiled the Chicago Bulls version of their new City Edition uniform line for all 30 NBA teams today. The City Edition jersey is the fourth installment in Nike’s new line of NBA uniforms which also included Association, Icon, and Statement versions that the clothing company unveiled earlier this season.

What makes the jersey design even sweeter is that there are multiple NBA teams that almost certainly feel shafted after seeing how their City Edition uniforms turned out.

For example, Nike took approximately 17 seconds to dream up a design for the Washington Wizards.

The uniforms for the Utah Jazz look like a rainbow just threw up a bunch of colors onto a jersey (I understand and appreciate that it represents the red rock formations, but it just doesn’t look good on a uniform).

Then there’s this.

Finally, Nike decided that the Phoenix Suns would rather be the Sacramento Kings.

All the uniforms that have been released thus far can be seen here.

Nike has served the Chicago Bulls well with all four editions of the new uniforms this season. It’s difficult to ruin the iconic Bulls red, white, and black and Nike was smart to keep the Association and Icon uniforms simple with the traditional, predominantly red and white color scheme. The Statement uniforms were basically the Bulls alternate black uniforms from before with a Nike swoosh slapped on, but again it’s difficult to ruin a Bulls black and red combination.

Enjoy these uniforms because they’re seriously super slick. Honestly though, has there ever been a bad or ugly Chicago Bulls uniform?