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Bill Simmons found multiple ways to call Jerry Reinsdorf cheap

Sports Guy, welcome to the resistance

Business Leaders Converge In Sun Valley, Idaho For Allen And Company Annual Meeting Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Not much here that’s new or different, but it was pretty humorous. On his site The Ringer, Bill Simmons had some kind of TradeMachine-gasm last week (no joke: I love the Trade Machine and approve all ideas that have a modicum of thought, not the ‘lol LeBron can be had the salaries line up’ ‘irony’), and used it to take multiple shots at the Bulls and their owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

The Bulls play in America’s third-biggest TV market and yet they’re $15 million under the cap, not counting the $3.5 million they made for hawking Jordan Bell’s rights last summer. It’s like having the lady from Major League own an NBA team*.

*there was a photoshop of this on the site once, but I can’t find it :-(

No complaints here, obviously, as the draft-night sale of the 38th overall pick is so indefensible even professional liars Gar Forman and John Paxson couldn’t make a good case for it.

Simmons went on to put forth out two made up deals where the Bulls take on some bad contracts and get some assets. But those details are no more notable than him declaring the Bulls ‘in a coma’ and Reinsdorf a ‘greedy miser’.

It IS continually worth pointing out that the Bulls are indeed currently sitting on this cap room. They may shy away from acquiring long-term deals to preserve ‘future flexibility’ (as if a big free agent will sign?), but nothing is stopping them from taking on expiring money and getting some kind of asset for that. Let’s see if they actually do it. So far in this rebuild there have instead been cost-saving moves to cover past mistakes, which is truly gross for their chosen ‘PATH’, as instead they should be using any competitive advantage they have to make up for their many failures. It’ll be something to watch heading into February’s trade deadline.