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Another Bulls Franchise Cornerstone Signs Endorsement Deal With Adidas

Bulls Players and Adidas haven’t produced happy results in the last decade

NBA: Chicago Bulls-Press Conference David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Uh oh.

Yesterday, ESPN writer Nick DePaula reported that Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine had signed a four-year endorsement deal with Adidas that could be worth as much as $35 million.

The direction the company is going in from a branding perspective has been impressive," LaVine said. "In recent years, they've been innovative and creative with both their marketing strategies and products. The way they positioned themselves and explained to me that I'd lead their next wave of players was huge.

Because Murphy’s law has terrorized the Chicago Bulls for the last decade, having apprehension because another franchise player has signed with Adidas is understandable.

It’s not so much that Adidas shoes cause injuries because of some fundamental flaw in their design (science says they don’t). Rather, it’s more that because Chicago has been the most cursed city in the NBA for the last decade, having another face of the franchise wear Adidas shoes given what happened to Derrick Rose and others is scary.

In case you weren’t aware, Adidas shoes have a long, infamous history in Chicago.

In February 2012, Derrick Rose signed a 14-year, $260 million (that number includes incentives) endorsement deal with Adidas. Fast forward five years and Rose has had his career derailed after sustaining four knee surgeries in five and a half years.

Beloved center Joakim Noah signed an endorsement deal with Adidas in Oct. 2013. After that season in May 2014, Noah sustained his now infamous “more than a scope” arthroscopic surgery in his left knee, and really hasn’t been the same player since.

Taj Gibson (did have arthroscopic ankle surgery in 2015), Jimmy Butler (switched to Jordan brand in 2015 because Adidas shoes were giving him problems), Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Robin Lopez, and Erik Murphy are current or former Bulls who have or had endorsement deals with Adidas.

So, while illogical, Bulls fans have every right to remain apprehensive when one of their players signs with Adidas. Lauri Markkanen signed with Nike, so breathe Bulls fans.