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What’s happening on the Bulls bench during a preseason Game?

The access that you didn’t know you needed

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls

How do we make the Chicago Bulls fun again?

If you don’t find the player development process that is a requisite for a long rebuild amusing, I don’t have an answer for you. After all, there’s a reason why Zach Lowe ranked the Bulls as the third least watchable team for those using League Pass this upcoming season.

Okay, so the Bulls aren’t really that fun or interesting in terms of the basketball things they do on the court (unless you are screwed up, like me). But, personality wise, is this a fun group of guys at least?

New Orleans based comedian Chris Trew had front row seats behind the Chicago Bulls bench when his hometown Pelicans battled the Bulls in the first preseason game for both teams on Tuesday. He wrote about his experience for UPROXX and mentioned some fairly interesting anecdotes about this current Chicago Bulls team.

During the game, a Bulls assistant appeared to be keeping track of the number of times Jerian Grant was carrying the ball. He was never whistled for the offense, so it didn’t really count, but someone was being paid to keep track

Carrying continues to occupy the thoughts of the Chicago Bulls coaching staff. It’s kind of lame really when a million other issues should take precedence over whether or not Grant carries the ball. Referees call it like 5 percent of the time anyway.

Fans Don’t Like the Chicago Bulls and Quincy Pondexter Knows it

While the camera was rolling, former two-time New Orleans Pelican and brand new Bull Quincy Pondexter came over to say hello to the couple. They exchanged the basics: how are you, we miss you, good luck, how’s your family. But then before Q-Pon returned to warmups he asked the couple if they would become Bulls fans while he was here in town. “We’ll need you this season,” he said, while kind of laughing. Emphasis on “kind of.”

So, Pondexter seems to have caught on that most Bulls fans don’t find this team fun or interesting. They must not know Antonio Blakeney, then. Check out this anecdote.

The most charming moment behind the bench was when rookie Antonio Blakeney was called into the game. He wrapped a huge smile around his head and said “oh shiiiit.”

I feel like Blakeney is the most likely Bulls player to become local martyr Cameron Payne’s dance partner once Payne returns from his injury.

Other interesting tidbits from the article.

  • Cristiano Felicio doesn’t like orange Gatorade.
  • The Bulls call Kris Dunn “KD”.
  • Justin Holiday flipped out when he drank his Gatorade wrong and it got on his jersey.
  • The Bulls have a lot of drama involving Gatorade apparently.

Hopefully this article made you like the Bulls a little bit better. If not, it’s likely a lost cause because it’s [probably] only going to go down from here once the regular season starts.

But at least we will have this to look forward to this season.