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Bulls vs. Thunder game preview, injury report, lineups: Kris Dunn returns

the newest, latest, (backup) PG

Chicago Bulls v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Some news for the Bulls as they host the Oklahoma City Thunder and their big 3 2.25, Kris Dunn is set to make his debut:

Dunn is slated to be the backup to Jerian Grant. We’ll have to see if this pushes Kay Felder completely out or if there will be some lineups with multiple ‘point guards’ for the Bulls in this one.

The Thunder will be on a back-to-back, having lost to the the Butler/Taj/Thibs Timberbulls on Friday night after Carmelo Anthony missed a game-tying chance at the buzzer. Then on their flight to Chicago they had a plane emergency (everybody’s fine, maybe not a large bird though).

This isn’t #TNTBulls, but I could see a similar situation where the Thunder underperform due to these logistics and spending a night in this fine city. Will it be enough for a Bulls win? or merely enough for the front office to push that they’re being competitive and showing development?

Game is a 7pm start on WGN.