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Kay Felder has quickly gone from the waiver wire to Chicago’s best bench player

The late addition has paid off well

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Much like the Justin Holiday signing, there weren't really any expectations when the Chicago Bulls claimed Kay Felder off of waivers right before the season tipped off. Coming into Chicago’s opening game, Felder was set to be the 3rd point guard in the rotation. But after Ryan Arcidiacono failed to impress Fred Hoiberg when running the bench unit, it was Felder’s time to shine. Since then, he has been running the point with the reserves and has played decent in his given role.

He brought it against the Cleveland Cavaliers, scoring 13 points on 5 of 11 shooting and adding in 4 assists. With his crafty handles and ability to blow by defenders with his quickness, Felder has been the Bulls best bench player.

After receiving a pass back from David Nwaba at the three-point line, Felder goes to work against Channing Frye, who somehow finds himself guarding a much smaller player. Felder was given enough space thanks to Iman Shumpert staying close to Justin Holiday and Jae Crowder sticking next to Nwaba to likely prevent a backdoor cut. With Frye staying back to prevent the drive, he gives Felder enough space to make a couple of crossovers and pull up for a jumper.

Initially, this play looks to be just a Felder isolation against J.R. Smith. Felder pulls off some fancy and quick dribble moves which forces Smith to back off just a little bit. As soon as he moves back, Robin Lopez comes from the block and sets a screen on him, forcing the Cavaliers to switch Tristian Thompson on Felder. Knowing he’s at a disadvantage speed wise and to prevent Felder driving by him, Thompson doesn’t step up on the switch. This gives Felder enough time and space to take a couple of dribbles and step into an easy jump shot.

Then there’s this great clip of him crossing over Kyle Korver in semi-transition.

There aren’t a lot of positives right now when it comes to the Bulls bench unit, but Felder has proven to be the bright spot so far. His play will sort of create a new logjam when Kris Dunn comes back, which is potentially as early as tonight. Although it will likely end in Felder going back to being the 3rd point guard on the roster, he deserves at least a shot to get rotation minutes. Given that both Dunn and starter Jerian Grant may be less suited as primary ballhandlers anyway, Felder can get in some time playing alongside either of them.