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The long fall of the Rose-era (and post-Rose era) Bulls

a trip down memory lane...not exactly fun

New Jersey Nets v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Nick Friedell, who covers the Bulls for (though this past summer has seemingly spent more time with an actually interesting team - the Timberwolves), put out a long missive today on Chicago’s recent history.

It’s fairly comprehensive, picking ‘moments’ starting with Derrick Rose’s ACL tear.

  • 2014-15 season where Rose hurt his knee again but Jimmy Butler emerged
  • 2015 Playoff loss to the Cavs
  • Firing Tom Thibodeau and hiring Fred Hoiberg (lol)
  • Jimmy Butler shaking hands with Mark Wahlberg in L.A. (?)
  • 2016 offseason
  • Butler and Dwyane Wade vs. Rajon Rondo and the rest
  • Taj Gibson traded
  • Jimmy Butler traded
  • Dwyane Wade bought out
  • Bobby Portis punches Nikola Mirotic out

There are a lot of quotes from Butler, Taj, Rose, Joakim Noah, and even a couple from John Paxson. The better stuff, as you’d expect, is from Gibson and Noah. There is a lot here, though still plenty not covered (no mention of Luol Deng, or the cost-cutting in 2012, or Ron Adams), but we’re talking 6 years so that’s understandable.

As far as how it affects the current team...this reads like a piece that’s written after the guys in charge were fired, since it’s been a total debacle and all. But instead the same cronies get to embark on their new ‘path’. I’m not sure whether this quote regarding the Butler trade is new or not.

Paxson chuckles now at the notion the Bulls didn't take the best offer they were given.

"Teams would call us all the time and probe about Jimmy and that type of thing, but no one ever made us any type of legitimate offer. In fact, most teams, when they would make an offer, it was somewhat insulting.”

If it is new: my man, take your ‘L’ and stop talking (if you’re not going to quit).

This also doesn’t speak well of Hoiberg, who comes across as completely ineffectual compared to Thibodeau. And the vaunted ‘young talent’ the Bulls have acquired (before the Butler trade pieces) recently kinda seem like entitled losers, too.