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Bulls vs. Spurs game preview, injury report, lineups

home opener! ::crickets::

Minnesota Timberwolves  v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

[OK, even ‘thincrustftw’ would admit this isn’t the most robust game preview. But that’s...ok. The important thing is there are spots available to sign up if you want to do one in the future

The Bulls may have even further depth issues with Denzel Valentine battling through knee pain and being a game-time decision.

Kawhi Leonard is out for the Spurs, still.


Let the beat down commence.

Pop and the Spurs are in town to take on whats left of our Bulls after a lackluster performance in Toronto on Thursday. I envision a lot of nights like that in store this season.

FEAR NOT HOWEVER. With Archie and the Cash Considerations (Trademark Pending) coming off the bench we may be able to answer the age old question, Can a team really go scoreless for a quarter? With Fred Hoiberg’s patented "throw the ball up and pray" offense, I am sure that our Bulls will be able to show those dastardly Spurs exactly what "a good basketball culture looks like."