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Riding the MCW roller coaster

the Bulls new starting point guard has been a mixed bag of tremendous and unsightly

Chicago Bulls v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Michael Carter-Williams had a pretty nice game against the Cavaliers on Wednesday, playing a big role as the roll man in late-game pick-and-rolls with Butler. He had 13 points, three assists, three rebounds and a nice rip of Jordan McRae in the fourth quarter.

MCW is generally an active defender and can disrupt opposing offenses with his length, something Fred Hoiberg’s mentioned as a positive when putting him in the starting lineup over Rajon Rondo.

On offense he has peaks and valleys. For example he had this awesome dunk:

But holy hell I’ve never seen somebody miss threes worse than this guy:

This isn’t a one-game thing, either. Every game he seemingly catches nothing but air or backboard on an open triple. These are shots any normal guard should be taking considering how wide open they are, but this dude isn’t even close. He’s now 3/18 from three on the season and has made about a quarter of his three-point attempts for his career.

MCW also has a tendency to drive recklessly to the basket without much of a plan. Early in the Cavs game it worked, and it’s another thing Hoiberg wants out of his point guard.

But this can lead to wild shots that have little chance of going in, or turnovers. I do think there’s a valuable role player here, but he has to find the right balance when it comes to his decision-making.

The Bulls are now 7-2 with MCW in the lineup, though I really don’t think that means all that much.