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The Cavaliers are not going to trade for Rajon Rondo

let’s just get this one out of the way

Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Wanted to quickly post in the name of ‘let’s not let this be a thing’. I’ve seen it a thing on that awful website

The Cavaliers are not going to trade for Rajon Rondo.

I get why it has the makings of an idea. The Cavs are ‘reeling’ (the annual swoon where a LeBron team almost tricks people into thinking they won’t win the Eastern Conference) and their VP of Basketball Operations LeBron James recently implored underling GM David Griffin and staff over the need for help. Specifically: a ‘playmaker’.

Now, since LeBron James is an NBA player (and they make the worst scouts), he likely holds the outdated notion that Rajon Rondo is still one of those types. And perpetually-wrong Mitch Lawrence says the Cavaliers have been looking to add Rondo.

Hey, maybe the Bulls could get something done, here? After all, Rondo is still looking to get out.

In a New Year's Eve meeting with management, Rondo made clear his desire to go elsewhere should his limited role continue. And after six games in a more prominent reserve role, he got benched for the second half of Saturday's victory. That move only strengthened Rondo's stance.

But, sadly, there’s a complication. Not only did the Bulls make Rondo an offseason priority and give him the starting PG role, they paid him $14m to do so. That effectively makes it impossible for the Cavaliers to trade for him. The Cavs are using and need everyone making significant money. They have some Trade Exceptions, but they’re much lower than the ~$11m needed to ‘match’ Rondo’s incoming salary and they can’t be combined to do so.

So the Cavs, who all kidding aside do have a creative and active GM in Griffin, will look elsewhere first, or just sign Rondo for the minimum if he’s bought out by the Bulls.