Kings fan here: Mirotic trade idea

Hey Bulls fans,

I'm a contributor over at Sactown Royalty and have a possible trade I would like to offer you. It's always tough to figure out exactly how different franchises value their players and assets, so I look forward to your feedback!

This is a simple deal that I think can benefit both teams.

The Kings receive Nikola Mirotic and the Bull receive Darren Collison and Omri Casspi.

Sacramento would be getting back a stretch four who will be a restricted free agent if we want to re-sign him. The Bulls get a better point guard than Rondo (sorry about that signing by the way, Kings fans felt awful for you guys when it was announced) or Michael Carter-Williams who also shoots 40% from deep. Omri Casspi has been under utilized by Dave Joerger as he favors Matt "The Worst Human Being" Barnes for whatever reason. Casspi is a small forward who can play some power forward as well and shoots around 40% from three as well.

This would obviously be a trade for a playoff push instead of a rebuild. What do you think?

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