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Fred Hoiberg isn’t doing his young players many favors by jerking around their minutes

Portland Trail Blazers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

KC Johnson had a blurb today about how the recent illnesses and injuries have wacked-out Fred Hoiberg’s rotations. Here was Fred:

With nine players owning three years experience or less and injury or illness constantly changing Hoiberg's rotation, the young players' performance isn't the only thing that's inconsistent. And that can affect development.

"We have so many young guys and all of them at some point over the course of the year have given us good minutes," Hoiberg said. "You just have to try to find the right combinations. It's something that we'll continue to juggle until we find the right group.

"It's unfortunate. Denzel has had some good moments and then has had a setback on a couple of different moments."

Now, I try not to put too much emphasis on the notion that young players need consistency to thrive: I feel if they’re good enough to thrive it’ll work itself out. And Hoiberg is coaching for his job, less so for player development.

But that only reinforces how weird some of his decisions are if he’s trying to win games with the guys who are playing well.

1/10 vs. Wizards (Butler and Mirotic out)
Doug McDermott starts and plays 24 minutes.
Jerian Grant starts and plays 25 minutes.
Denzel Valentine, who’d been inactive the past 3 games, plays 30 minutes and has best game of year
Portis plays 18 minutes
(Also first game Rondo re-joins the rotation with 27 minutes off the bench)

1/12 vs. Knicks (Butler, Mirotic, and Valentine out)
Paul Zipser, who hadn’t played meaningful minutes all season, starts and plays 34 minutes.
McDermott back off the bench and under 17 minutes
Portis plays 18 minutes
Grant plays 25 minutes off the bench and has one of his better games of season

1/14 vs. Pelicans (Mirotic out)
McDermott plays 20 minutes
Portis plays 15
Zipser and Grant get DNPs and Valentine plays 5:25

1/15 vs. Grizzlies (Mirotic and Wade out)
Zipser starts and gets the minimum starter (15-ish) minutes
McDermott with 33 minutes and career-high points
Portis has over 16 minutes, 5 more than Felicio
Valentine with 10 minutes
Grant gets a DNP

1/17 vs. Mavericks (Taj out)
Zipser starts at power forward and plays 19 minutes
McDermott back to his usual 21 minutes
Portis down to 6 minutes
Grant with 3:44, Valentine a DNP

I don’t know man, you try and figure that out.