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Bulls announce inaugural DLeague staff (spoiler, it’s Iowa State cronies)

double-duty reduces headcount!

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls' D-League team, the apathetically named Windy City Bulls, starts their inaugural season in Hoffman Estates soon. That's great, and something we’ve been looking forward to for a while.

And now at what seems like a fairly late date (but hell if I have any idea, anybody want to research the history of DLeague inaugural years?), the Bulls have announced who's running the basketball operations on and off the court.

  • Head Coach is Nate Loesner, who served as the Bulls video coordinator last year and is an Iowa State crony. It's also notable that he's disabled (Loesner has a partial left arm) and KC Johnson has a nice profile up...pretty quickly.
  • GM is Brian Hagen, who was/is the Bulls assistant GM, and also an Iowa State crony. To me, and maybe this is just because I am pretty sure the Bulls have the, ahem, 'leanest' big-market organization in sports, it looks like they're just having him take on added responsibility on this DLeague team. Hey, maybe it's not a lot of work, and there's undoubtedly already houses in the area.

So, to be sure: it's good to have alignment between the minor leagues and the big club. Kind of less so that it's aligning with a failed regime of Ames immigrants, but that is what it is.

There was some drama earlier in the summer, in so much that DLeague staff announcements can provide it, when reports surfaced that the Bulls were hiring Bobby Lutz, but then that was retracted. Never was revealed what made that deal fall apart, but rest assured it wasn’t because he didn’t own enough red polo shirts. Because he also was an ISU crony. Listen, if you can’t be loyal to the coaching tree of one Tim Floyd, then I guess you just don’t know anything about how to delegate.