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How Butler, Wade, and Rondo can share the court (or not)

BBALLBreakdown's Coach Nick breaks down how, if at all, the 3 Alphas can work. 

Sacramento Kings v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the start of the NBA season still over two months away, questions continue to swirl around how the Chicago Bulls trio of Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler will fit on the basketball court. Saturday afternoon, BBALLBreakdown's Coach Nick tried to take a crack at solving one of the league's newest jigsaw puzzles.

Throughout the 11 minute and 24 second video, Coach Nick breaks down and analyzes stats from each of the three, primarily focusing on their deficiencies. The biggest, and most stark observation came at the beginning when analyzing Rondo, bringing to truth what many have said for a while now: that he's an assist hoarding, ball-stopper. Coach Nick goes on to show several clips of Rondo essentially forcing the offense to a halt because of his inattentiveness to move the ball, as specifically shown in the below stats:

(keep in mind the Kings were first in pace factor, so any per-game stats look worse for Rondo here)

Coach Nick goes on to explain how Rondo rarely passes to the spot up shooter out of the pick-and-roll for fear of losing a chance at collecting an assist. In addition, he goes on to detail Rondo's high turnover ratio, particularly because of his lackluster passing in transition.

Moving onto Wade, Coach Nick breaks down his struggles in transition and the lack of effectiveness of his once deadly Euro-Step. And just as Rondo would dominate the ball offensively, "initiating" the offense through the PnR, Wade does as well. A majority of the Miami Heat's offense was initiated by Wade bringing the ball up the floor and rolling right into a PnR. If it wasn't that, then Wade was trying to create via isolation, which as he's gotten older isn't converting as he once used to.

With the 3 Alphas, you have three ball-dominant players who all use the PnR to create offense, which leaves Coach Nick just as pessimistic as the rest of us in how this will work. You can watch the video below for Coach Nick's full breakdown, it's definitely worth your time.