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CBS Sports ranks Bulls starting lineup in the middle of the pack

CBS Sports put the Bulls in the middle when it comes to their starting lineups

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls starting lineup looks start with Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, and Robin Lopez. Nikola Mirotic would likely be starting over Taj Gibson due to his shooting ability. Butler would slide over from the shooting guard spot to the small forward spot, a position he is certainly capable of playing. Everyone else fits right into their roles in the starting lineup. Looking at the lineup in terms of how it projects in comparison to rest of the league, the Bulls have a lot of questions coming into this season. It could either go great or it could go very wrong.

CBS Sports projects that as well. In a recent article, CBS Sports and their basketball writers ranked all 30 starting lineups for every NBA team. The last being the Philadelphia 76ers and the first obviously being the Golden State Warriors. The rankings were based on a composite score based on the rankings of all their NBA writers. So it allowed for a variation of opinions. That was certainly the case for the Bulls, who finished right in the middle at #15. Here is CBS's explanation:

This is the most divisive starting lineup we had - it was ranked as high as ninth and as low as 27th. There is obviously talent here, but it's unclear how Rondo, Wade and Butler will play together. Critics think Rondo and Wade will take the ball out of Butler's hands and slow down the offense. Chicago is banking on basketball IQ and coach Fred Hoiberg's creativity trumping what looks like a poor fit.

There are some things to take away from this. One is that there is certainly a big variance in thinking about how good this Chicago team is. It will all depend on if Rondo and Wade can play like their former selves. The second takeaway is that a lot of this will come down to Fred Hoiberg, who is put in a really bad spot here. Hoiberg will have to show that he is willing to change his offensive system because the lineup he will put out will do the exact opposite of what he usually wants to run on offense.

For what it's worth, CBS likes the Bulls bench a lot better relative to the league. That unit is ranked 8th, and Cristiano Felicio isn't even mentioned.