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ESPN’s RPM Projects Bulls out of the playoffs

Wade and Rondo are considered net negatives

Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards
Fred has great poses
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

ESPN released their RPM-based projections this morning and the Bulls do not fare well.

11th in the conference, in fact, at 38 wins.

RPM doesn't view adding Wade (minus-1.3) and Rajon Rondo (minus-1.4) as upgrades for Chicago, and that's before even taking the fit issues they create into account.

This puts them in a big morass of middling East teams, where everyone after the top 4 (Cavs, Celtics, Raptors, Pistons(!)) is at .500 or worse, with 9 teams in the range of 35-41 wins.

So clearly there’s room for the Bulls to beat this projection and make the bottom half of the playoff seeds. Or they could do worse! Last year this same model (using individual RPM projections using aging curves, and subjective estimates of playing time) projected the Bulls at 45 wins, and they finished with 42.

(thanks to old pal HungarianJordan for pointing this out in the comments of the last post here (in our summer series: everybody hates the Bulls offseason))