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Chicago Bulls sign Dwyane Wade

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. After an entire day making jokes about this, it actually happened.

This, for better or for worse, is significant! And as said here this morning: once Rondo was signed this offseason was a disaster regardless. Just showed a total lack of plan in terms of an actual 'retool' (let alone rebuild) to get 'younger and more athletic'. And with no real plan, why not get Dwyane Wade for his twilight years, getting ready for his age-34 season in the town he grew up.

Wade had sort of a bounce-back season last year though still on the decline overall. But this, while ultimately still a total desperate nonsensical path, feels like a better option than having just Rondo around. Wade is a similarly awful on-court fit, another non-shooter who's no longer truly suited for up-tempo. But, again, Rondo was screwing that all anyway. And the Hoiberg death-watch only intensifies getting an alpha like Wade to try and share the ball with Rondo and Jimmy Buler.

But this is more, well, buzzworthy at least.  If the Bulls are aiming to be a middling East playoff team hoping for a big acquisition in the summer of 2017. And as bad of an idea as that is, they probably have a better chance of recruiting if Wade has a good season and is under contract, than if they had a cruddy season with Rondo-ball and 2 max salary spots.

Now they could have a cruddy season anyway, but that's a risk that could no longer be mitigated, so I guess the Bulls have to steer into it. And in what should be an entertaining fashion, no matter how it goes.

There will be more details coming, as the Bulls have to move some existing salary to fit in Wade's salary demands. So we'll see what those demands are, and the trades the Bulls have yet to make. It should be said that if the Bulls had to give up anything of substance beyond money and dignity this looks like a worse move.