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Gar and Pax had better options than Rondo

The Rondo signing is even more baffling when compared to other free agent point guard signings.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

When it was announced that the Chicago Bulls had signed free agent Rajon Rondo (ugh I just shuddered typing that), initial emotions were of anger, shock, disbelief and any other similar emotions.

Rondo?! $14 million?!

By now I think we and many others have hit on the numerous reasons why signing Rondo, the player and person, was one of the most incompetent moves in recent memory. Signing him for $14 million, even in the new salary cap market, was completely irresponsible given the Bulls cap situation and especially when compared to other free agent point guard signings. After disregarding the potential in making a trade instead, there were Free Agents that could've been potentially better fits on and off the court, only makes this more maddening.

E'Twaun Moore (27) - 4 years, $34 million, New Orleans Pelicans

Jeremy Lin (27) - 3 years, $36 million, Brooklyn Nets

Jerryd Bayless (27) - 3 years, $27 million, Philadelphia 76ers

Sergio Rodriguez (30) - 1 year, $8 million, Philadelphia 76ers

Seth Curry (25) - 2 years, $6 million, Dallas Mavericks

Deron Williams (32) - 1 year, $10 million, Dallas Mavericks

Brandon Jennings (26) - 1 year, $5 million, New York Knicks

The Bulls had two options at point guard this summer, A.) sign a quality, long-term player to a reasonable contract or B.) sign a one-year filler to a cheap contract. Of the names listed above, the first four fit into category 'A' while the latter two fit into category 'B.'

Those in category 'A', are players that could've been very good compliments to Jimmy Butler with their shooting, and fit within what Fred Hoiberg wants to accomplish offensively. Players in category 'B' while they might not have been great fits stylistically, are capable one year holdovers who wouldn't completely sabotage what you're trying to accomplish. The main point is that, these players could've been signed to reasonable contracts, that wouldn't have tied up a large percentage of the Bulls cap space, thus allowing them to add another quality player this summer, preferably an athletic wing, like Portland's Moe Harkless.

Instead, GarPax went neither route, opting for the worst possible choice, 'C.' Signing a point guard who doesn't compliment your best player or fits your head coach's philosophy, and worse, to a contract that ties up a majority of your cap space, hindering your ability to sign a player of actual, quality talent. They took a shortcut during the process, if that's what you want to call it, by signing a big name, rather than searching for someone who has the potential to be a part of the team's core moving forward.

The point guard market this summer wasn't great, that's well-known, but there was talent available, talent that could've complimented Butler and helped Hoiberg with his offensive philosophies in the meantime. Talent that could've been had for good, short or long-term contracts that wouldn't hinder your present or future.

But GarPax played this point guard market in the worst possible way imaginable.

What the Rondo signing comes down to, is an incompetent front office without path, and who clearly didn't do their due diligence on the free agent point guard market. They saw a household name in Rondo (despite his obvious flaws), which offers the slight chance to tread water and climb back into the playoffs, to generate more revenue and put asses in seats. It was a poor play for the present, when instead they should've been planning for the future.