The many problems with Rondo - Great article from SI's Ben Golliver

Hey guys, I just wanted to post this by Ben Golliver, a great writer for SI, for everyone that thinks Rondo is not trash and/or further fuel for our hate and anger.

(Spoiler alert: He gives the signing an F, saying that even Vlade figured out Rondo is not worth it).

Article here

The big basketball points:

To anyone paying attention, and to any front office with a reasonable solution at point guard, Rondo is no longer worth the hassle. Although he shot a career-best 36.5% on threes and posted a respectable 16.9 Player Efficiency Rating for the Kings, he again failed to translate his own individual production into team success. Sacramento’s offensive efficiency rating was higher with Darren Collison on the court rather than Rondo, in large part because the latter is a flow-killer thanks to his ball-stopping and a floor-cramper thanks to his shaky jumper and reluctance to attack the hoop in search of his own offense.

Defensively, Rondo hardly resembles the player who earned four All-Defensive selections while in Boston. He alternates between reckless gambling and inexplicable ambivalence, ranking 30th among point guards in Defensive Real Plus-Minus and posting a terrible 106.8 Defensive Rating for a Kings defense that ranked 23rd in Defensive Efficiency. Chicago’s other top point guard option, the 34-year-old Jose Calderon, played such poor defense last season that it was the subject of tabloid headlines. Nevertheless, Calderon posted better marks in both DRPM and Defensive Rating than Rondo. That’s remarkable and, frankly, tragic.

I know this probably won't change the minds of any Rondo apologists, but hopefully it gets you guys actually thinking about where this dude's great stats are coming from. For all the other fans like me that hate the signing, it's a great source to point to for all the numbers that show why Rondo is now a terrible player.

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