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Bulls sign Rajon Rondo

what a fucking joke.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure there could be any worse news.

Even beyond Rondo being an unlikable player, and someone who's historically been a subject of ire for Bulls fans, this is just a monumentally ridiculous addition.

The Bulls, after trading away Derrick Rose, did need a point guard. But they needed someone who could defend, was  young and athletic, plays at a fast pace,  is coachable, and could shoot. Rondo aggressively negative-checks all those boxes.

It's a testament to the lack of creativity in the front office, a unit that's obviously lacking in brainpower and effort given their lack of movement over the past few days and decade-plus, instead populated by cronyism and hatchetmen who are better at keeping their jobs than doing it. Armed with cap space and some moveable contracts, they clearly were scared of their own decision-making to try and target additions. Even if you figure they would sit out some of the big names and target 'bargains' and perhaps become a dumping ground for trades, ok. But to just shop around 1 or 2 year deals to make sure the only players interested were bad, washed up, or both, why bother? Are the Bulls just being cheap again?

Is it all perhaps a 'stealth tank' to intentionally be bad while not gutting the roster? No you fools, and I think assuming that gives the Bulls way too much credit. They don't want to tank, they think this is a good and smart idea. They like their guys, and just can tread water for a couple years (Rondo probably lasts a single year before he's bought out) while...doing what, I don't know. Because a 'stealthier' tank move would've just been to have Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant as your PGs.

No, the Bulls let the market come to them, which means instead of good players, or young players who could become good in a new situation, you get 30 year old Rajon Rondo as the lead guard to run Fred Hoiberg's offense and play alongside Jimmy Butler. Don't dream of making a good signing, because you might make a bad one. But Rondo for 2 years at $14m per is bad!

While I don't think it's the Bulls being clever, it'll probably 'work out' ultimately if you wanted to see this thing burn to the ground. This will eventually get Hoiberg fired, and thus Gar Forman too. Paxson probably finds another made-up title to ascend to so he can do even less work. I'm not sure what's worse: the idea that these dudes have total job security so that he can go in with this flaccid offseason plan waiting for 1-4 summers from now to make the real move? or that this is the real stuff, and this is the best he could come up with to save his job?

What a giant middle finger from them to Bulls fans, and here's one right back at them. I can't see myself wanting to watch this shit.