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report: The Bulls are signing Paul Zipser

nobody knows for how much though

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

All we've seen is a tweet from Paul Zipser's agent:

Zipser, the Bulls 2nd round pick in June's draft, was then confirmed by KC Johnson that he apparently joining the Bulls, but there are no confirmed contract details yet.

But what's somewhat interesting is that the Bulls don't really have many avenues to sign Zipser, having used up all their cap room to sign Dwyane Wade

The '2 years' comment perhaps indicates Zipser is  getting all or some of the 'Room' exception? Maybe Zipser successfully balked at getting the minimum, the only other exception possible to sign him without cap room.

The Room exception starts at $3m and can only be for 2 years. So yes, after those 2 years he's a restricted free agent, and subject to the Arenas provision like Omer Asik was, which limits but doesn't preclude the Bulls matching an offer. So that stinks. But they have no other reasonable means to sign him this year with Wade coming in. No Bulls Fault!

Also, I suppose it'd be a win for a 2nd round pick if Zipser is good enough to command a massive FA contract?