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Bulls reportedly interested in Solomon Hill

The Bulls have reportedly expressed interest in the Pacers shooting guard/small forward

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It is looking more and more like E'Twuan Moore will not be a Chicago Bull next year unless the Bulls are willing to spend. With multiple teams going after him, it looks like Moore is in for a payday in free agency. K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported that it looks like Moore is "no lock to return".

Perhaps with that in mind, the Bulls are looking to bolster the wing rotation. Chicago has already been linked to the likes of Dion Waiters and as of this afternoon, they have been linked to another name on the market.

The Indiana Pacers small forward only averaged 4.2 points per game and 1 assist per game in around 15 minutes of action in the regular season, but his minutes doubled in the playoffs as the Pacers played him an average of 28.3 minutes per game against the Toronto Raptors. Picked three spots after Tony Snell in 2013, Hill saw his player option for next season declined prior to this season, making him an unrestricted free agent. That also limited what the Pacers could potentially spend on him in free agency, and with the Pacers signing Al Jefferson, Hill is now 100% out of the door.

Although the stats don't look good at all, Hill's forte is not on the offensive end. He is a good perimeter defender and plays three positions on the court from shooting guard to even power forward if a team chooses to "small-ball". Hill would be a good play off the bench for Chicago as he can be a defensive stopper for Chicago. The offensive game needs help but if there is one thing a player can improve, it's shooting. With the Bulls current roster, they don't need shooting at the moment, they need defense and guys who can guard multiple positions. They have a guy like that in Hill and with the trend of the Bulls signing guys who are better defenders than offensive players, he fits that mold as of right now. But Chicago isn't the only team going after him and he won't be cheap if the Bulls choose to sign him.

Re-signing Moore seems like the best option right now for Chicago as they have Early Bird Rights on him and don't have to use cap space when signing him if they do that. But he is getting a lot of offers right now and Chicago may be on the outside looking in when it comes to their chances of signing Moore. Going after Solomon Hill is a solid move, though, would be even better if they get him.