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report: Chicago Bulls interested in Dion Waiters

According to ESPN, Chicago is reportedly interested in Oklahoma City's Dion Waiters

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

All was mostly quiet for the Bulls in the first night of Free Agency. There were early indications from CSNChicago's Vincent Goodwill of E'Twaun Moore re-signing with little 'drama', but subsequent reports have Moore taking meetings todayand he could be getting an offer more than what the Bulls can do with their Early Bird rights (could use cap space).

So perhaps the Bulls are searching for a replacement for the shooting guard on the free agent market. According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, the Bulls are reportedly interested in the services of guard Dion Waiters. Yes, you read that sentence correctly, Dion Waiters.

With Victor Oladipo now in OKC via the draft day trade involving Serge Ibaka, Waiters was almost a certainty to walk in FA. In Oklahoma City, he will have to face competition from Oladipo and Andre Roberson for minutes and it is really safe to say that Waiters would be at the bottom of the depth chart. Waiters is a restricted free agent but it seems that Oklahoma City would let him walk if he was to sign a semi-big deal with another team. Chicago isn't the only team that is interested in his services. It is interesting to note that OKC is still interested in bringing him back though. That would raise the question of if Waiters is willing to sacrifice money and make a run for a championship assuming the Thunder re-sign Kevin Durant.

In terms of a fit with the Bulls, it is safe to say that this would be an interesting fit, to say the least. Waiters is a very streaky shooter and you never know what you are getting from him. He can definitely create some offense for himself one on one but he isn't the most efficient player. In his two seasons with Oklahoma City, he failed to shoot over 39% from the field and that should raise questions about how good of an offensive player he actually is. He is prone to taking some really bad shots and there are times where you wonder why his teammates even passed him the ball. But when he's on his game, he's a really good scorer.

His defense improved in the playoffs, especially against the Spurs and the Warriors which showed that he has some hope as a defender. If Waiters can shoot well from the field and at least stay in front of his man and not fall asleep on defense, he could be a good off the bench player at the right price.

If the Bulls choose to let Moore walk in FA, Waiters could be a replacement for him. He won't be able to play the point guard like Moore does but Waiters can provide some good scoring off the bench. But he is very streaky and there are always risks surrounding him, particularly because of the way he left the Cavaliers a few years ago.

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