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Bulls offseason outlook with the Dunc'd On podcast

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I listen to Nate Duncan's podcast every morning (much much much better than the radio, and with online apparel companies' promo codes!), and while they've been covering the playoffs they've also dedicated a bit of each show to a team's offseason preview.

Today's is the Bulls, I recommend checking it out.

Nate and his cohost Danny LeRoux are definitely cap experts, so it's worth a listen just to get a sense of the Bulls options.

What's disappointing, if understandable, is  to hear really no mention of a big shake-up, or an evaluation of GarPax or Hoiberg. Derrick Rose is mentioned as 'fine', whereas I see it as a more pressing offseason issue. The various wings of underwhelming ability aren't really addressed, though Nate calls McDermott 'underutilized' and Snell 'unfairly a whipping boy'.

Thus, the plan from them seems to be to assume this is currently a low-tier playoff team who was unlucky to miss entirely, and with a good signing could get back into that fake-contention of the #2 seed. That means spending on a free agent center and letting Nikola Mirotic be free on offense. While there may be some overpays this summer when it comes to getting a center (Mahimni, Biyombo, Whiteside, and Howard all mentioned), they point out that if not this summer, it'll be difficult to find someone in the coming years when the market for that position is thinner.

Beyond that it's talk of adding a backup point guard, and useful information on E'Twaun Moore's free agent status.

It's not unreasonable to stay the course, in fact given the Bulls history it's the most likely outcome. That kind of stasis in the second consecutive offseason could get the Bulls back to fake-contention, or be GarPax(berg) producing more rope to hang themselves with.