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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Starting at 11:01 PM Central tonight, NBA Free Agency begins. All over, teams will be setting up meetings with players. Not the Bulls, mind you. At least we hadn't heard of a single thing throughout Thursday. Per Gar Forman on Monday, they were still getting their plan together. Hold your horses on actual pursuits, you guys.

So this is the place to talk about other teams. If the Bulls are actually involved in something we'll create a post for that.

An unsolicited plug for Yahoo's Vertical (Woj) live show for the start of free agency, which starts at 10:30. Their work during the draft was really good, and there is zero chance Chris Broussard shows up.

Speaking of bad reporters, be skeptical of them! Also, don't fall for fake accounts. Carry on.