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Bulls plummet in's 'Future Power Rankings'

biggest drop in the NBA

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

This is all subjective and somewhat strange, but worth LOL'ing (at ourselves?) how in's Future Power Rankings, the Chicago Bulls dipped from 4th last year to 16th this year.

It's trying to measure success over the next 3 seasons, and weight the current roster at 50% importance, and the rest consisting of Management, Cap, Draft, and Market. The Bulls finished 11th in 'Market', so it's not a measurement of the actual size but more in the context of a free agent destination. They're one spot behind Orlando.

They finish better than that in only one category, 10th for 'Draft', likely due to the Kings pick they're owed. Draft is also tied for the lowest weight in this measurement.

What really hurts year-over-year is the 'Management' category, and is the focus of Chad Ford's blurb on the Bulls.

Rookie coach Fred Hoiberg, who replaced Tom Thibodeau, remains a major question mark. He seemed unable to inspire the same effort or teamwork that Thibs was so famous for, and the Bulls surprised just about everyone by missing the playoffs....In short, the team is in turmoil and that has raised question marks about John Paxson and Gar Forman's ability to put a serious contender on the floor.

If you think the Bulls still have a 'solid young core', as Gar Forman likes to affirm in the mirror nightly, ESPN has them 18th in roster. It kind of speaks to how bad the talent acquisition has been the past few years. The amazing night they got both Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic was 5 years ago. Butler will be 27 to start next season and Mirotic turns 26 in February. That's a decent start, but not nearly enough.