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Jimmy Butler opens up, somewhat, on DRose trade and his own rumors

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jimmy Butler was on ESPN's "The Jump" with Rachel Nichols today. Some pretty interesting things if no bombshells. did some of the transcription work already:

Butler said he wasn't surprised that Rose was traded and that he figured the front office would be making changes after a disappointing season. "I knew it had to be one of us," he added.


"Because we didn't win, I think everything comes up," Butler said of reported friction between he and Rose. "If we win, there's nothing to say. We're fine, we can along together, we'd probably still be teammates to tell you the truth. But we didn't win. I didn't do my job, as well as he didn't."

When pressed (by Tracy McGrady!) about why he and Rose couldn't co-exist on the court, Butler demurred from providing an answer, just saying he didn't really know and that it's the front office's decision based on the lack of results.

There were also some tense (or merely awkward, I suppose) moments over the organization's backing of Butler. McGrady and the other former player on the show, Stephen Jackson, called out the Bulls for both not 'shutting down' trade rumors during the draft, but also a article calling Butler selfish. It's like they don't even read Sam Smith's disclaimer that he's truly an independent outlet!

As for whether he saw himself as a Bull long-term, Butler again would only say he hopes so but that it's up to the front office.

You can get the whole show in audio form here, there's also some video clips on Nichols' twitter feed.