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NBA Free Agent rankings: Point guards thin, more former Bulls than future Bulls

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Wanted to give a quick shout to SBNation's Tom Ziller and his ranking of 117 free agents. Free agency starts July 1st, but unlike Gar Forman we can try and conceive of a plan in advance.  I mean, holy crap what is this:

"We'll talk to our own free agents to get a feel," Forman said. "With the uncertainty, the spike in the cap it's going to be a fluid period. We like the group we've put together and think we are headed in the right direction, getting younger, more athletic and retooling the roster to a certain extent and then see what opportunities arise July 1."

(Don't worry, you guys:'s Sam Smith thinks his employer "seem to have filled positions and have considerable depth")

As for the Bulls own FAs that Forman will certainly talk to, here's Ziller's ranking:

18. Pau Gasol

21. Joakim Noah

81. E'Twaun Moore

84. Aaron Brooks

Moore is designated a 'sleeper' by Ziller, and "could get snapped up real early". Hopefully not too early, the Bulls still have to get our plan together!

Also worth noting on this list that indeed the PG class is very weak. Mike Conley is the clear top-tier, but if he leaves Memphis you'd figure it'd be for a team with better championship likelihood than the Bulls. Following that, there's Jordan Clarkson (#22), Jeremy Lin (#30), #FuckRondo (#34), Tyler Johnson (#37)...and by now you can realize there really isn't a clear-cut starter over the incumbents available. Hope for a trade.

Ranking the top 117 NBA free agents of 2016