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Notes (and lies) from the Denzel Valentine press conference

Denzel will wear #45 for the Bulls

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls introduced Denzel Valentine in a press conference on Monday. Also present were both Gar Forman and Fred Hoiberg.

Just some brief highlights on the press conference:

On the coaching staff changes:

Gar confirmed there would be NO coaching staff changes going forward.

On specific positions they were targeting in free-agency:

Gar confirmed "we’re just starting to get our plan together". He mentioned wanting to speak to their own free-agents first (he named E’Twaun Moore). Gar said they need help in both "the frontcourt and the backcourt". I take this to mean the Bulls literally have no free-agency plan or specifics in mind.

On selling the fanbase that the Bulls can be competitive going forward:

Gar mentioned good, core, young pieces like Portis and Felicio.

Hoiberg several times mentioned how he was looking forward to using Calderon. He also mentioned Robin Lopez's (he actually called him "Brook" - whoops!) ability to "rim-run" as something that excited him.

Hoiberg was asked if he could "coach Jimmy Butler". He chuckled and said that he could and that he and Jimmy have had "some good talks" in the last couple of weeks. He mentioned that Jimmy is in a "good frame of mind" at present and is excited with the USA Basketball opportunity.

Hoiberg was asked about Rose's departure. He thanked Rose for the opportunity to coach him and said he believes Rose will have a good season with the Knicks.

In my own opinion, I did not come away from this presser with ANY renewed hope or confidence in Gar or Bulls mgmt. Gar was asked several specific questions on free-agency and just being competitive in general. He danced around and side-stepped in just about all of his answers and gave zero specifics of a plan going forward.

Both the long-term and short-term goals of this team still seem to be murky at best.