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2016 NBA Draft Bulls pick: It's Denzel Valentine at number 14

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls held on to their assigned #14 selection in tonight's draft, selecting Denzel Valentine out of Michigan State.

Valentine is 22 years old, turning 23 soon after next year begins. A 4 year player, he's reputed as a mature very solid all-around offensive player. Gives the Bulls some wing help, needed alongside Jimmy Butler (maybe? rumors simmered but seemed to have died down) and alongside recent draftees like Snell and McDermott. He's definitely accomplished, winning the AP player of the year last year. A very Pax pick in that regard.

Known weaknesses with Valentine surround his athleticism and lateral quickness, especially on the defensive end. He's also reportedly been flagged with concerns regarding his knees, which is never good.

Here's the Draft Express page on Valentine.

Here's a lot more on Valentine from various scouting profiles leading into the draft.

The Bulls do have a pick in the 2nd round, #48 overall.