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Bulls trade Derrick Rose to the Knicks

holy crap!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Derrick Rose era is over in Chicago. He's been traded to the New York Knicks.

First reported by The Vertical (and discussed earlier in the week as a possibility), the Bulls are receiving Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon, and Jerian Grant. In addition to Rose, the Bulls are also sending out Justin Holiday. There's some 2nd-round pick-swapping in there too (we'll update when it's all official).

In reality, the Derrick Rose era was already over heading into this summer. Far removed from the accolades and accomplishment of his first few seasons, starting with a Rookie of the Year award and becoming the youngest MVP in league history in the 2010-11 season, injuries had caused Rose to produce an underwhelming second act of his career. Rose's final year as a Bull was inconsistent at best, and produced only more questions concerning his viability as a big-minute player, fit alongside Jimmy Butler, and playing style under Fred Hoiberg.

So as it presently stood, Rose had an expiring, $22m contract, and coupling his obvious injury risk with other baggage made it extremely unlikely the Bulls and him would agree on another long-term contract after the season.

In addition to the shock in seeing Derrick Rose in another uniform, It should be mentioned that in receiving Lopez, you can infer that Joakim Noah won't be returning either..

We'll have more in the coming hours heading into tomorrow's draft, but upon first glance this is a proactive move by the Bulls, something they don't normally do. The end of this era was obvious, and I'm pleasantly surprised they went through with acknowledging it.