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2016 NBA Draft Bulls coverage: the Bulls will be predictable, so let's try and figure it out

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

No new news today, outside of Leakin' Danny Ainge showing that he's working hard (which I legit love about him).

The Bulls, sources say, continue to show little interest in dealing Butler to the Celtics

So there's that.

Let's face it, the Bulls are going to be conservative because that's what they do. It doesn't mean there aren't myriad scenarios:

  1. Draft somebody Gar knows from Tim Floyd's scouting handbook
  2. Draft somebody Pax knows from when he watched the Final Four
  3. Draft the guy who slips and be 'shocked' they slipped
  4. Trade multiple picks for a single one to reduce the decision-making workload
Anyway, this is more to highlight the great draft coverage we've had here the past month. I'm below even Gar Paxdorf level when it comes to effort in scouting, so a huge thanks to everyone else here.

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