TheMoon Draft Thing of 2016 (#37-41)

gary payton

The first question to settle when looking at payton is what position he plays. To me it is quite obvious he is a wing. payton plays a lot like a forward in college. His handle is only so-so, his vision is vanilla, and his shot off the bounce is weak. He also has surprisingly poor feel around the rim, though he helps himself out with explosive athleticism.

It is interesting that he has been a fairly poor shooter. For a lefty his shot does not look that bad, but he never gets results.

What surprised me is how smooth and in control he is. These guys who fill the score sheet tend to be a little spastic in their college years, but not payton. I guess he is almost 24, so that might have something to do with it.

He kind of acts like a dick on the court. You know, he'll make a basket and then, as he's jogging down the court, he'll intentionally bump in to an opponent and then look at him like it's his fault and bark something in his face. I like that. I think a lot of teams could use a little bit of that kind of edge; and as I have said before I think guys drafted outside the lotto, and even more so outside the first round, need to have a certain level of confidence and aggressiveness to make it in the NBA.

CEILING: Greg Buckner

MEZZANINE: Iman Shumpert

FLOOR: Felipe Lopez

Jake Layman

The Layman Idealization is... what? 3-and-no-D guy? The last couple years in school he shot about four and a half threes every forty minutes, made about 38% of those (nearly all catch-and-shoot), and shot about 80% from the line. So the "3" part isn't even that convincing.

But he looks exactly like an NBA SF, and that goes a long way in the draft.

Layman didn't really get better at anything in 4 years. I think that is a massive red flag. He didn't even peak as a star either.

Could he be an effective off-the-bench small ball 4? He is 6-foot-9, jumps high, and is an decent wing shot blocker.

CEILING: Kyle Singler

MEZZANINE: DerMarr Johnson

FLOOR: DeQuan Jones

Michael Gbinije

Michael Gbinije is a smooth athlete with deep shooting range.

One thing I like about him is he is pretty good at faking defenders into the air then drawing fouls. That is a sophisticated play you don't always see out of NCAA players. On the other hand Gbinije is almost 24 years old, so maybe that's not very impressive after all.

I guess he has had some trouble finishing around the rim in the past but a lot of that has been remedied. I would say though he does not like to use his left hand to finish.

It's admirable that he tried to step in for his team as the nominal point guard, but Gbinije is not really a play maker. He got some assists because he had the ball a lot.

CEILING: Keith Bogans

MEZZANINE: Damien Wilkins

FLOOR: Yakhouba Diawara

Isaiah Cousins


CEILING: E'Twaun Moore

MEZZANINE: Doug Overton

FLOOR: Darius Morris

Cat Barber

I have to say, I was pretty underwhelmed by Cat Barber's athleticism. He isn't slow or anything, I just don't think he totally lives up to the whole "Cat" moniker. And he isn't much of a leaper. Or especially strong.

Barber doesn't have much of a resume as a shooter, but he did improve his FT% every year.

I thought it was weird this one time when he made a halftime buzzer-beating three pointer and no one on his team really celebrated. I don't know if that is because his personality is an issue, or the coach's is an issue, or some larger chemistry virus had infected the team, or some concoction of all three.

I wonder how he is going to be officiated in the NBA. They seem fairly strict these days about the offensive player kicking his feet out when he is shooting, and Barber does that pretty much every time. He does a lot of weird stuff with his legs when he shoots. Probably not a great sign.

On the one hand, NC State's offense was nothing more than having Barber go one-on-one hoping he either scores, gets fouled, or one of his teammates grabs his missed shot. This was a pretty successful strategy in college as NC State was 31st in the country in's adjusted ORtg. However when you watch Barber you do not get the sense that he is an NBA level distributor. He misses open teammates so much. Sometimes it is when he could keep the ball moving but chooses not to. Other times he misses good assist possibilities in pursuit of his own scoring. Even when it is for the sake of garbage like pull up two pointers.

CEILING: Jerryd Bayless

MEZZANINE: Troy Hudson

FLOOR: Bobby Brown

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