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Bulls coaching staff may NOT be changing now?

Part of the offseason plan was to modify Fred Hoiberg's coaching staff...that sounds no longer to be the case

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Tribune's K.C. Johnson appeared on the "Dennis Podman" podcast, posted on 6/20.

Among the several topics discussed were the Bulls direction in general, the draft, free-agency, Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and the front office.

One depressing bit of information comes just prior to the 38-min mark of the almost hour-long podcast. PLEASE listen to this podcast, because it covers quite a deal of information. The Bulls on Parade guys (Mark & Mort) do a great job here. But just to transcribe the coaching staff part of it:

"...part of that, I thought, was going to be the staff, although that sounds like the staff may not be changing now, where initial signs pointed to it changing...

Mark K (host): "So now you're suggesting [the coaching staff] might not be changing...particularly with Randy Brown?"

Johnson's response: "Yeah I don't know that to be true, but I've heard both now"

K.C. goes on to mention that most NBA coaching staffs have been filled by this time, but notes that Thibs has yet to hire his staff also. So it could be a "slow moving summer" in that regard.

He then mentions that the Bulls particularly wanted to hire a "skills coach" and someone with "more NBA experience for the bench".

All in all, though there was once hope of the Bulls making changes to the coaching staff, that now sounds foggy at best. It's not certain if the Bulls are indeed "slow moving" (to that I ask, WHY?) or if they just aren't going to make any changes at all.

This is quite depressing, as the word and theme of "accountability" was thrown around quite a bit by John Paxson at the end-of-season post mortem. It now sounds like the coaching staff isn't being held accountable.