TheMoon Draft Thing of 2016 (#31-36)

Stephen Zimmerman

Can show some fluidity and skill in his moves, but Zimmerman has really poor feel around the basket. He shot 59% at the rim this year, which is the worst number I've seen for a center prospect.

He's not that quick, but his top speed up and down the court seems pretty fast for a big.

I guess his right elbow (his non-shooting elbow) doesn't extend all the way out? Seems like that could be a problem. It's impressive he rebounded and blocked shots as well as he did in spite of that.

It seems like his road to success goes to the 3pt line. But his numbers as a shooter are a bit worse than Poeltl's, and no one is calling him a stretch big. So what are the odds here?

And if he's not a really good shooter, then as a stretch big how is he going to compensate with other offensive skills? He is not a bad ball handler for a center, but he's not a good one either. There were times when he made a relatively clever pass, but a) he was always static when he made them and b) I'm even starting to think many of those were set plays and not Zimmerman showing a flair for improvisation.

CEILING: Cherokee Parks

MEZZANINE: Johan Petro

FLOOR: Byron Mullens

Pascal Siakam

I don't really see how this guy is going to score in the NBA. He pushed dudes around in the post in college, and that isn't going to happen in the NBA. Meanwhile he doesn't have very good touch around the rim. It's tough these days for a power forward sized guy who doesn't shoot 3s, make plays off the bounce, or defend the rim.

There are intimations of something defensively, but it looks like it's going to take a lot of work to unearth. Very quick and fast. Not very graceful. He works hard on defense (and in general), but he's often out of control. Too spazzy right now. Falls for every fake like he's an elite shot blocker, except he isn't even close. Also, all his hard work and activity does not ever result in him boxing out.

NMSU played an extremely easy schedule.

CEILING: Jordan Hill

MEZZANINE: Joel Freeland

FLOOR: Johnny O'Bryant

Robert Carter

Doesn't really have 3pt range yet. Killed it from mid range this year.

Much of what I said about Henry Ellenson applies to Carter, except Carter is 3 years older than Ellenson and has way better feel around the rim and body control.

CEILING: Austin Croshere

MEZZANINE: Anthony Tolliver

FLOOR: Josh Powell

Ben Bentil

He might not be able to shoot. Not much of his profile suggests that he could at the moment. Sort of stuck as a small forward sized guy who has to play power forward, but who doesn't rebound, protect the rim, or make plays off the dribble.

Has something of a battering ram approach to offense. I could see him still drawing fouls in the NBA, but he doesn't seem to possess the requisite skill level to adjust to the defense. Sort of plays the exact same way no matter what is happening around him.

CEILING: Derrick Williams

MEZZANINE: Chris Copland

FLOOR: Al Thornton

Caris LeVert

Like Denzel Valentine, LeVert is wont to run a lot of PnR in the middle of the floor and make decisions from there. Also like Valentine, he throws a lot of passes to the roller over PnR defenders who don't have their hands up because it's college and no one knows how to play or coach defense.

If he can attack the rim somewhat cleanly, he looks great. Nice feel as a finisher, good length and athleticism, looks for his teammates quite well on drive and kicks. But if he meets with resistance and has to change his plan everything starts going to hell.

He's kind of like a fully realized DeJounte Murray, in that his moves as a dribbler still don't quite compensate for his so-so first step and poor strength.

CEILING: John Salmons

MEZZANINE: Tim Hardaway Jr.

FLOOR: Kareem Rush

Wayne Selden

Wayne Selden is one of those guys who doesn't have a ton of practical athleticism, but who can throw down a nasty dunk if he gets a long runway. Displays a fluff handle that usually results in off-the-dribble jumpers.

He doesn't have a motor or any kind. Not very physical, either. Very disappointing for a guy with such a mesomorphic frame.

Reminds me of Darius Miller.

I hate to sound mean, but I do not see why this guy should be drafted. Kyle Collinsworth, while older, is a much better play maker, has a vastly superior motor, is bigger, and is just as athletic. It's not like Selden is a great or even very good shooter-- wouldn't you rather bet on Collinsworth eventually hitting 33% of his NBA 3s while continuing to fill the score sheet than Selden both shooting well and developing some semblance of a motor? I know I would also rather bet on Jameel Warney being, I don't know, Lavoy Allen, than Selden panning out in the aforementioned manner.

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