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The Knicks are reportedly interested in Derrick Rose

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

From Ian Begley of

The New York Knicks are looking to upgrade their backcourt, and one player on their radar is Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose.

The Knicks have had internal discussions recently about trading for Rose, league sources tell ESPN.

As Begley goes on to point out the obvious: the Knicks don't have much in the way of tradeable assets or future picks*.

But after July 1st, they'll have the cap space to either fully absorb Rose's deal or do a lopsided trade where the Bulls get a player making less back, freeing up the Bulls own cap situation for this offseason.  For example: Jose Calderon (at 1 year, $7.7m) for Rose and his $21.3m salary.

Knicks' center Robin Lopez is signed long-term, though his remaining 3 yrs, $42m will likely look like a bargain following this summer's league-wide spending spree. I'm not sure why the Knicks would offer him though, as it'd be potentially plugging one hole just to cause another.

*The Knicks could potentially try to sweeten with Jerian Grant as the asset. Grant was drafted 19th in the 2015 draft, turning 24 early next season and had a rookie season mostly just notable for a total lack of a jumper. Since this is the Bulls, it's worth noting that Grant is the nephew of one of their recent hires.