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Bulls trade Cam Bairstow to Pistons for Spencer Dinwiddie


Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls have made a trade! During the NBA Finals! It's not anything game-changing, but it's still pretty mind-blowing, because the Bulls actually traded Cameron Bairstow for another NBA player.

That player is Spencer Dinwiddie, who's now formerly of the Pistons and couldn't beat out Steve Blake for minutes this season. Quite simply, he isn't good, although he torched Derrick Rose once so maybe that was the impetus for this.

While that isn't a ringing endorsement, Dinwiddie is still just 23 years old and stands at 6'6, so taking a chance on a young, big point guard for depth is a good move. If it doesn't work out, then just move on:

This is especially true given we know Bairstow is NOT an NBA player. I was honestly befuddled that he took up a roster spot last season, and he held that roster spot despite so many Bulls getting hurt throughout the year, including him. I guess they were just doing him a solid.

So, while this move doesn't really mean crap, I'm calling it a win for the Bulls. I think Gar must have spiked SVG's drink before convincing him that Bairstow was actually worth anything.