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Jimmy Butler spent an hour with Bill Simmons

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler was on the BS Report with Bill Simmons.

For it being an hour, not much of interest was really said. Butler was affable and handled Simmons' (mostly bad) questions fine. Though there was an annoying tendency where Butler would steadfastly refuse to criticize, or even rate other players (as to not criticize them by omission), and worse Simmons kept trying to make him do it. Near the end Butler opened up to include Devin Booker as a young player he likes, which is interesting given their dust up last season.

There was a lot about his background and path to the NBA and mention of his entourage brothers who were with him in studio. Some Bulls/NBA tidbits:

  • Chalked up last season to being a new system for the same roster and a difficulty for the team to adjust. For most of the team even through a training camp, but especially with Rose missing that camp. There was no real mention Hoiberg explicitly (as in: I don't think his name was actually said), nor implicitly beyond that brief part about wanting to play faster than under Thibs. This summer and training camp is obviously big for the team.
  • Praised Thibs when Simmons did the same, though wouldn't say he's "rooting for him" because he's "rooting for the Bulls". Added that the 'playing too many minutes' criticism of Thibs didn't make sense to him. More minutes was something he wanted as a player, and both he and Thibs wanted to be put in the best position to win.
  • Diplomatic on the trade rumor talk, says it's just bullshit and nothing he can control anyway. Not looking to go anywhere. There was an interesting part where he said the team didn't contact him regarding that Timberwolves rumor, but they do talk all the time including getting his input on personnel decisions.
  • Thinks Rose can be the same player again and we'll all see it next year. Praised Derrick for his perseverance in rehabbing from injury.
  • A horrifying anecdote where he talked about being recruited and almost committing to Iowa State. So now we can remove Gar Forman's credit for drafting Butler too, he was just a name in his small hay-smelling Rolodex like all the rest.
  • Disregarded the stories of an inflated ego. Said he knows who he is, and that's not it.
  • Something kinda interesting about his playing style, saying that he wasn't actually focused on his 3-point shot, saying he can get his points without it at the rim and at mid-range. When asked about the fit with Rose, said they are very similar players but in the context of that being a good thing.