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Tom Thibodeau wants to trade for Jimmy Butler

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

This was "Breaking!" enough to make the ticker during the Finals game last night:  From Marc Stein and Chad Ford:

The Minnesota Timberwolves are prepared to part with the No. 5 overall pick in this month's draft, as the centerpiece of a trade package, if they can use it to construct a deal for Chicago Bulls star swingman Jimmy Butler, according to league sources.

Oh, really? The 5th pick?

I'll go back to my handy list of blue-chippers I'd look for in a deal for the Bulls' best player that's signed for 3+ seasons. The 5th pick in this draft is not on there. Andrew Wiggins is! So let's start there, instead.

Perhaps Wiggins AND #5 is a starting point, because you'd have to think the Bulls would demand extra in dealing with their exiled former coach. If Gar Forman settles for less, not only is he  on the losing end of a trade but would be effectively firing himself (and likely his hand-picked coach, unless you're of the persuasion that believes excising ball-stoppin' Butler is the magic elixir to unleash Hoiball...or are a BIG Kris Dunn fan) after they'd miss the playoffs again.

So I don't think this is likely. But hey, it was breaking. Add the Wolves to the previously reported Celtics that are interested in an All-Star shooting guard...but either lack the right assets or willingness to use them to get anything done.