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Tim Grover Says Derrick Rose Can Still Improve

Grover holds out hope that Rose can return to form as one of the NBA’s top point guards

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tim Grover was a guest on 670 The Score this week  (on the Spiegel and Goff Show) and he made some very interesting observations about Derrick Rose's injuries and his continued road back.

"Derrick never used to get his shot blocked when he used to go into the lane — never," Grover said in an interview on 670 The Score on Friday. "Now you see quite a bit of it. You know, he has his speed and change of direction and so forth, but the verticality still isn’t where it should be.

"Now a lot of this stuff, I’m not going to blame Derrick, because he’s only doing what he’s been told to do. Now if he’s not doing what he’s told to do, then the onus is on him. But if he’s being told information that isn’t working well for him — now what I say about Derrick, because of the way he moves and how explosive he used to be and still is, you can’t use a template for him for a workout. You have to design it from the ground up, totally from, look at his body and say, ‘Hey, this workout is designed for Derrick Rose … It’s not designed for another Bulls player. This workout is for you.’

Then what I believe is the most interesting part:

Grover recalled a conversation he had with Rose back in summer 2011, when during the NBA lockout, he was in the Philippines to play in a charity basketball game on a trip that also included Bryant. Grover referenced how Rose’s lower body looked like it was wrapped up like a "mummy," which Grover believed could eventually lead to injury.

"Derrick did a charity game in the Philippines, and I went down there with Kobe during that time," Grover said. "I had a little conversation with Derrick, and I said, ‘Derrick, listen, you’ve got your ankles wrapped up, you’ve got your knees wrapped up, you’ve got all this compression stuff.’ I said, ‘You’re putting too much pressure on certain joints because they’re not being allowed to move.’ And I know I said, ‘Listen, you’re an athlete and I’ve never seen anybody that explosive to be able to move that quickly.’ But I said, ‘The joints have to be free in order to absorb all that force.’

"I had this conversation with him way before the injury part.

Grover is spot on with his observations of Rose. Both the observation of Rose getting his shot blocked more frequently, as well as the observation of Rose wearing so many wraps.

I've also noted myself and to friends that Rose wears way too many wraps on his legs now.

Here is a pic of Rose, circa his first two seasons

Now here is a pic of Rose from this past season:

I don't know if Grover knows any behind-the-scenes info, but he definitely implies that Rose may not be listening to the correct type of people when it comes to his training. It makes me wonder if someone should take a more active approach in helping Rose get the proper help.

You would hope that Team Rose (Reggie and BJ) are looking out for Rose and are getting him the best training possible.