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Bulls reportedly looking for a point guard in this years' draft, may need to trade up

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Draft nugget from KC Johnson over the weekend:

Coincidentally, with Rose entering the final year of his contract, the Bulls are targeting a point guard aggressively in the draft for the second straight year.

Last year, the Bulls were fully prepared to select a point guard from a draft deep at that position before Bobby Portis unexpectedly dropped to them at No. 22. This year's draft isn't as deep at point guard. If the Bulls don't trade up, one player sources say intrigues them — Providence combo guard Kris Dunn — certainly would be gone at No. 14. .

One major limitation is the current roster is the Bulls inability to develop a point guard behind Derrick Rose. The front office, who 'preferred to build through the draft' in KC's words, used that strength to select Marquis Teague in 2012. Teague didn't last 2 seasons with the Bulls and shortly after was out of the NBA entirely.

While Derrick Rose had better health last year in terms of games played, he also showed to no longer be someone who can take on typical high-minutes and usage of a starter. Whether that means he's traded this offseason or his minutes reduced, the Bulls definitely need more PG help.

Their backups in the past few years have been a revolving door of fringe gunners and the lifetime contract of Kirk Hinrich. At least KC didn't suggest Kirk comes back on a 'reasonable 1-year minimum' deal, though that is surely what will happen. Even so, the Bulls will still either have to really hit on this pick to get a PG to immediately take over a larger-minute role behind Rose, or they'll need another PG in free agency as well. Apparently trades just aren't their 'preference'. Funnily enough, there's mention of the Bulls 'aggression' in trading up in the draft, with the evidence being it happened twice in eleven years.