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Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose did not work out together today

you all want to know about Tony Snell's whereabouts though?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

So, this was pretty funny:


Apology accepted!

This has become a meaningless something that these guys work out together in the offseason. Not helped since Jimmy Butler volunteered himself to LEAD and set such a workout up, but it was talked about before then.

Goodwill's correction implies this will happen next week, or at least that Derrick Rose will be in the same city as Buter. That's a start! It's still a notion to be skeptical of. For one thing, Rose doesn't play pickup games so it's tough to see what getting together to 'work out' will really do in terms of handling their on-court chemistry. And the other thing is it's really not a big deal if they don't work out together so why force it?

But I suppose it's ultimately a good thing if they're electing to enjoy eachother's company. And bringing along Tony Snell (::Stacey King voice::) has to do wonders for his confidence.